3D Visualisation

We think that a 3D visualisation tool is key to an automation UI. Automation, by its very nature is stage time intensive. If automation cues are being rehearsed, the stage needs to be clear of any other activity, so the ability to program cues offline is paramount.

The visualisation view also provides a very useful training tool, with operators & programmers able to gain a familiarity with the system quickly without the need to use valuable stage time.

Further, being able to show the creative team how an automation move will look, and plot the show, potentially even before it is built means that the speeds/accelerations and travel distances can be checked before the automation is designed/built, potentially saving £££.

  • Supplied as standard within XMove. Free to use multiple offline copies to assist plotting and training.
  • Simple configuration from within XMove (a power flying system can be defined in 10 mins).
  • Complex automation can be created, with multiple scenic types and the ability to link axes to other axes (a curtain can be rigged on a power flying bar for instance).
  • Set images and 3D files (.dae, .obj) can be simply imported to provide more realistic. visualisation of the scenic elements. The venue can also optionally be imported as a 3D file. (A simple 3D venue rendition is provided as standard).
  • Multiple camera angles can be stored and recalled; automatic camera selection for each cue.