Control System Interface

XMove will link to a large range of control systems without the need for complex set up and engineering time spent on the interface between XMove and the control system, or the involvement of our team with a particular project. This is achieved by providing an open source communications between XMove and the control system, debug screens within the app and boilerplate code for the main PLC control systems used in the live entertainment automation world.

  • Works on a standard Ethernet (UDP) based protocol to allow communication with a very large range of standard and non-standard control architectures.
  • Works with all standard PLC-based control solutions (Beckhoff/Siemens/Control Techniques).
  • Open source prototype code for Siemens/Beckhoff PLCs & Control Techniques drives to provide base for users to implement their own control solution.
  • Communications debug screens within the UI app to allow quick diagnosis of any issues/problems between UI and control system.
  • Engineering advice and support available from XM Automation to assist project companies & users in implementing their solution.