Providing a real choice of user interface for automation within the entertainment industry

XMove connects to existing or new systems without the need for complex and expensive engineering time, putting you in control

It is an open platform, designed to connect to a large variety
of PLC/Hardware platforms and drive systems, with the ability
to be implemented by a range of engineering companies – rather than rely on a specialised automation supplier.
It is simple to use, yet powerful, and sold on a license model.

Key Features:


  • Visual editing of axis moves.
  • 1D, 2D & 3D Graphical representation of cues.
  • Text-based alternatives.
  • Point & click interface.
  • Locked groups, multiple users, shows, and multiple
    venues as standard.
  • Rigging & referencing and scenery modes to support
    repertory theatres.
  • Integral, full 3D visualiser showing the theatre space
    and moving pieces.
  • Four programmable playbacks, identified by colour.
  • Metric/imperial measurement display modes.
  • Using a graphic display with symbols and numbers
    – minimal text and no translation required.


  • Multi-target moves displayed and edited graphically
  • Speeds and delays modified – either individually or all together.
  • Complete sequences can be repeated multiple (or an infinite
    number of) times.
  • User is given clear feedback on the current status of the sequence
    when it is played back.
  • Clear visual editing of the move – no need to comprehend
    complex spreadsheets.
  • Up to 8 targets within a move.
  • Each move with individual programmable delay time/accel/speed/decel.
  • Up to 10 repeats (or ‘repeat forever’ option).
  • Status view shows which move/repeat is currently being executed.

    Examples of