XM Open System Advantages

In contrast to all other automation suppliers XM provides an open automation solution. This approach has numerous advantages in project delivery for the project company/end user, both in cost savings and project control/co-ordination overhead.

The open system approach also provides a far more sustainable approach, removing the need for international travel, and allowing far greater use of existing components when performing system upgrades.

Closed SystemOpen System 
KeyPC = Project Company/End UserAC = Automation Company 
Equipment Supply AS provides 30-75% of the project value – which then needs markup from the PC – adding to overall project costs, and will vary with specification changes. No added value from the PC XM costs are <5% of project supply. Clear pricing for any additions /removal of axes, control desks. PC able to use own design/manufacturing/purchasing capabilities for the automation system, contributing to overhead.
Project TimelinesClose co-ordination required with AS on all design/delivery/site timelines. Co-ordination of personnel, project co-ordiantion. All add to project overhead costs, and stress.All project timelines/coordination in hands of PC. No need for XM involvement in project delivery beyond when control desk required (if purchased). PC can run the project independently, saving time, and cost. 
Project involvementNo need for XM involvement, changes to timeline/equipment specs have no effect on HMI. PC can configure system
Project cost overrunsChanges to specification/timeline/Clear, simple pricing from XM, project changes will have
SupportAC charges yearly fee for support contractEmail support/softwre updates provided within the license.
ServicingAS needs to visit sit yearly for 2-5 days (depending on size). All on site servicing can be undertaken by PC, with remote support as required from XM (usually minimal). 
MaintainanceAS equipment often needs return to base for repair, warranties on equipment need to be dealt with through AS.PC can repair maintain XM desk, and fit spare parts as required.
Sustainability Low Requires 8-10 fights for sales/project co-ordination/installation/commissioning. Further 1-2 flights a year for supervising/support. Requires AC’s components to be used, replacing existing equipment. High All work undertaken remotely, no need for XM visit at any stage of the process. XM is control system agnostic, ability to design control system around existing components/equipment.