XMove – the stand-alone user interface (UI) for automation in the entertainment industry.

Available as license purchase, XMove can be used as the interface for existing automation systems or on new systems where the the control and mechanical systems are supplied by others.

  • Simple to learn and use. Intuitive and powerful.
  • Fully graphical interface for plotting and displaying moves.
  • Metric/imperial display modes. 
  • Full 3D visualiser included as standard, to show representation of the theatre space.
  • Multi-target moves, locked groups, multiple users, shows, and multiple venues. 
  • Rigging & referencing and scenery modes to support repertory theatres. 
  • Developed and running on the Apple Mac (using the new super-fast M1 chipset).
  • Powerful robust application created in Apple’s latest pro -SwiftUI.
  • Interface to multiple hardware architectures (e.g. Siemens/Beckhoff/Control Techniques). 
  • Retro fit to control existing systems (our experts can provide expertise as required). 
  • Available for use with new systems with control/mechanics provided by a third party.

For further information contact info@xmautomation.co.uk

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