PLASA Award for Innovation

XMove is the new stand alone automation platform for the live event industry. Unlike other automation systems it is an open system, allowing users to integrate their own control hardware rather than relying on specialists from the automation company. Sold on a licensed model, it is able to be interfaced to a large variety of industrial control equipment, allowing the user flexibility of choice. XMove is intended to expand the market for automation, and provide a simpler, more flexible and cost effective approach to implementing an automation system.

ABTT Engineering Product of the year – 2022

Judges’ comments: “A very flexible console with lots of potential to fully integrate into venues of many sizes. The console has been designed with the user in mind, including the ability to develop the programming offline with visualisation of the model included as standard. Also of note is the development of a standard protocol for automation control.”

2022: ABTT Theatre Show Annual Awards